About the Group and the Research


This group-research on neuromorphic computing and deep learning is to encourage faculty members and students in the corresponding area to participate actively in the discussions and collaborations on that topic and maximize the synergistic effect to generate research outputs of high impact and thus further advance the technologies in the area.


This research is funded by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seoul National University.


Following are members of the group.



Nam-Ik Cho, Jin Young Choi, Kiyoung Choi, Kyomin Jung, Jaeha Kim, Jong-Ho Lee, Jung Woo Lee, Byung-Gook Park, Seung-Woo Seo, Kyuseok Shim, Wonyong Sung, Sungroh Yoon



백승헌, 김형진, 이연준, 신성호, 박윤재, 이세일, 이형일, 임수환, 정동석, 안병용, 김경훈, 윤상두, 서정우, 유준상, 우성윤, 박성식, 박정진, 황용호, 황규연, 권민우, 김철흥, 김유열, 이명선, 황성민

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